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See our Climate Emergency Declaration below

Choose Responsibly

In Choosing Wild Tree Adventures You Can Be Sure You Are Booking With A Company That Takes Its Commitment To Sustainable Tourism Seriously.

Our commitment has been recognised by our partners who trust our professional approach in environmentally sensitive locations around Scotland, and by the Scottish Thistle Awards who commended our “commitment to conserving the natural environment while offering an immersive experience with an educational focus” (Best Outdoor Experience Award, Lothian & Borders, 2019).

As part of the outdoor tourism industry we have a responsibility to facilitate experiences and connections with our natural surroundings in ways that protect our environment, wildlife and natural resources.

Sustainably is key to our ethos and we have been passionate about the outdoors and trees since the very beginning, as we look to ‘tread lightly’ and ‘Leave No Trace’. We follow Wild Scotland’s Best Practice guidelines and an audit of our operations will enable us to minimise our environmental impact as we look forward to being part of a Carbon Credit tree-planting scheme. We also provide financial and volunteering support to a small range of environmental projects in Scotland and further afield.

Find out more about Wild Tree Adventures’ commitment to sustainable tourism in our Climate Emergency Declaration below.

We work with treasured trees and special sites such as historical botanic gardens and Sites of Special Scientific Interest

View from the top of a pine tree

WILD TREE ADVENTURES Climate Emergency Declaration

Our dream is to guide people on adventures in the wild trees of Scotland and to share our passion for trees and the creatures who live in them. Now, more than ever, we need to work that little bit harder to ensure that as a business we tread as lightly as possible on this planet.

David Attenborough’s message in A Life On Our Planet was clear, the time to address the Climate Emergency is now. During the first lockdown in 2020 we saw how nature flourished and aspects of our environment including air quality improved worldwide. Real and positive changes are within reach so let’s begin these changes – the sooner the better, whilst still living and loving this amazing world we live and work in, for all of us.

Thirty years ago as kids we were shouting about recycling and planting trees as a great hole in the ozone layer loomed large in our consciousness, bringing into stark reality how the way we live could damage our finite planet. Decades later, detailed scientific knowledge clearly demonstrates that our collective global actions are both detrimentally affecting the climate and exacerbating the situation. And this is a global situation – we are all affected.

As an outdoor adventure business which promotes and treasures the natural world it is our responsibility to work hard to reduce our impact through responsible and sustainable tourism. This is key to making a positive difference and ensuring future generations can share in our incredible natural world. We are proud to join a growing number of organisations promoting this positive change, all of whom are working towards taking meaningful and purposeful action through acknowledging our current Climate Emergency.

See Tourism Declares and @tourismdeclares for further information and to see a list of who has declared their support. Over the next 12 months, we’ll continue to push harder to make further reductions to both our direct and indirect carbon emissions and, where reductions simply cannot be made, we will be working with a reputable organisation to purchase carbon credits in projects which reduce, avoid or remove certified emissions from the atmosphere with our intention being to deliver a positive carbon impact.

We commit to:

*  develop a meaningful Climate Emergency Plan within the next 12 months
*  advocate for system change across the industry and call for regulatory action to accelerate the transition towards zero carbon travel
*  share our declaration and update on the progress of our Climate Emergency Plan
*  encourage our suppliers and partners to declare a Climate Emergency and to produce their own Climate Emergency Plans

This is an ambitious goal which will challenge our commitment, creativity and collective resources. We will provide regular updates on our progress and report annually on our website.

Activity Days In The Scottish Borders
Climbers like ants on the giant Douglas fir at Dawyck Botanic Garden
Climbers like ants on the giant Douglas fir at Dawyck Botanic Garden