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From the seed on an idea Wild Tree Adventures grew and with our core Mission and Values at the heart of everything we do.

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Wild Tree Adventures was based in Stirlingshire, a short distance north of Scotland’s beautiful capital, Edinburgh. Offering guided Tree Climbing Experiences at locations across Scotland, we worked in beautiful visitor attractions, botanic gardens, and treasured forests.

Our Tree Climbing Instructors invited you aloft to experience the stunning landscapes and forests of Scotland. Climbing over one hundred feet into the canopy of a towering, 200 year old giant you saw the world as never before! For all ages 6 to 60+.

In the beginning…

In the beginning, there was a tall, tall tree with a huge bird nest at the top of it. Given special permission to visit the bird, Tim climbed way, way, high up into the canopy to monitor the wild hawk who had its nest there. That was the first tree. Many other trees followed, all filled with the huge stick nests of protected wild birds and, with his scientist’s hat on (under his climbing helmet!), Tim measured and documented what he found, all  carried out under licence.

Climbing giants

In a forest many miles to the south, Tim met The Man Who Climbs Trees aka James Aldred of Canopy Access Ltd, who taught him to climb beautiful beeches and soaring redwoods including a whopper of a tree that forever planted the seed of intrigue and excitement. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Tim was curled up safe and cosy in his hammock, sleeping soundly twenty-five metres above the ground in a Scottish giant, as if it was something, he did every day. And there he dreamed. He dreamed about adventures in the wild trees of Scotland. And he dreamed about sharing his passion for trees and the creatures who live in them with friends, family and all who wanted to explore the trees…

Tree climbing for everyone

Over several seasons as Team Leader and then Operations Manager for The Great Big Tree Climbing Company, Tim helped guide thousands of families, friends and students up fabulous trees across 20 counties in England and Wales. In 2018, it was time to make his dream come true and Wild Tree Adventures was born.

Scotland’s Wild Tree Adventures

As an award-winning business Wild Tree Adventures has taken hundreds of climbers up into the trees and featured multiple times on television. With our wonderful team of highly trained Tree Climbing Instructors, you’ll be surprised at how high you can climb up into the canopy of our amazing trees!

Come climb with us one day at stunning locations across Scotland with each tree offering a different climbing experiences for you to enjoy, whether you are six or sixty plus! Tree climbing is fabulous fun and also good for us, for our fitness and wellbeing, read our blog, The Benefits of Trees and Woodlands for Wellness.

Post card with logo and Tree Climber. Text says Wild Tree Adventures. Discover Amazing Trees.
Winner of the Best Outdoor Adventure Experience in Lothian & Borders is Wild Tree Adventures. Image shows two tree climbers.
Tree climber wearing a helmet drinking tea and smiling at the camera.


Founder & Owner Tim Chamberlain is the driving force and energy behind Wild Tree Adventures.

“There are many pleasures and adventures to be enjoyed in the Scottish countryside but few can be as pure and elemental as climbing a tree!”

Dougie Vipond, BBC Landward

Wild Tree Adventures Heart Logo
Post card with logo and Tree Climber. Text says Wild Tree Adventures. Discover Amazing Trees.

Hundreds of happy Tree Adventures

Over two busy seasons of Wild Tree Adventures we held lots of events, Adventurous Hen Dos, Scout Groups, Golden Eagle Champions and Birthday Parties for all ages – one amazing climber joined us on her 80th birthday! We have climbed with hundreds of people of all ages and abilities, getting the chance to see the world from a new persecutive. Check out what they have said in Customer Feedback

Director Tim and Instructor Keith at Scottish Thistle Awards 2020

Scottish Thistle Awards Regional Winner for Best Adventure Experience in Lothian & Borders 2019/20

Winning this award is an incredible achievement! A huge thanks to everyone who has helped us on this journey including all the venues with their amazing trees, our brilliant staff and all our wonderful customers who’ve been inspired to explore Scotland’s natural treasures in a sustainable and exciting way.

“Providing customers with a unique thrill, the judges were impressed with this strong application and their commitment to conserving the natural environment while offering an immersive experience with an educational focus.  The winner of Best Outdoor or Adventure Experience for Lothian & Borders – Wild Tree Adventures.”

TV Appearances

Each year TV has adventured with us into the trees! As an industry with stringent safety standards, working for film and television is often demanding and highly rewarding.

In 2019 James Crawford sat astride the very king twig of a beautiful Scot’s pine in Glen Affric for BBC One’s Scotland From The Sky. The towering oak at Traquair House has hosted Landward twice with fabulous presenters Dougie Vipond and Anne Lundon, and Caledonia TV with Ramsay MacMahon for BBC Alba. Back in 2018 Lori Carnochan scaled the fabulous oak at Bowhill House in for Borderlife ITV and Kiki Foster climbed the mighty Douglas fir at Dawyck Botanic Garden for Oxford University Press

Anne Lundon climbing at tree at Traquair House on BBC Scotland's Landward