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Our Director Tim puts forward why he feels tree climbing has a part to play in helping the planet

Reconnect with nature though being outdoors, hugging trees and tree climbing.

“We need to nurture our planet!

With accelerating effects of climate change, rapid species extinctions, and ongoing global political upheaval with all its aftermath, I ask myself What on Earth can I do to make a positive difference? Remember the phrase Think Global Act Local? Empowering on a local scale does facilitate stronger and more resilient communities and yet this world is still in need of a whole lotta love.

So what can I do RIGHT NOW? Sure, one thing we can all do right now is Be Kind. From giving someone a smile or helping hand to finding a way to give sanctuary to people and nature, being kind is also really good for our mental health, especially if you remember to be kind to yourself too! As I write this a neighbour just hiked up to bring me a bag of his freshly dug tatties and I feel the same gentle warmth when a beaming Satish Kumar spoke across a conference room telling us to create hope by baking bread – I took up his challenge and for a time baked and gave away loaves to friends, family and complete strangers.”

Young boy being creative in the woods
Two young girls with binoculars hug a tree

And it’s all about the younger generations… 

“One way to reach out is through outdoor adventure experiences. Helping people to (re)connect with nature and them the chance to explore a tree is for most their first chance to observe the world from high inside the canopy of a living gentle giant. There you can touch, smell and listen to a snap-shot in the life of a tree, bearing witness to a towering plant that grew its first shoots 200 years before you were born and may yet live on through another 200 summers and winters if we are kind enough to let it. This fact alone kinda blows my mind each time we visit one of our climbing trees.”

Trees are my passion… 

“I love sharing my passion for trees and seeing how each climber finds both excitement and peaceful fulfilment, many of them telling us, in slight amazement, that they are scared of heights whilst still grinning and heading higher. We look for lichens and spot all kinds of creatures up there, showing trees are not just a thing, but a whole living biome, they all dig it!

Fun times for all, which is a good thing as working for a small company means a day off is a very rare thing! Right, better get back to preparing for our next events. In the meantime, tell me something kind or positive you’ve done through kindness or your work.

Thanks for listening and caring and let’s keep on keeping on inspiring!”

Tim, Aug 31 2021

Young man tree climbing with Wild Tree Adventures
Two large oak trees at Paxton House