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Last weekend at Paxton House was a day of adventure, with a twist as one lucky family had a wild time in the great Turkey Oak at Paxton House! Saturday afternoon saw Mum, Dad and two boys arrive ready to be welcomed, kitted-up in harness and helmet in readiness to climb the huge tree. Despite a few wobbles with the weather during the big set-up, come climbing time, the clouds parted and the sun shone on the River Tweed far below us.

Photographer William Gray arrived with all his cameras and lenses ready to capture the adventure action. Will is working on one of the super new Bradt Travel Guides which is due out later year. After instruction and some great climbing, and when all our climbers were far off the ground, it was time to get Will into position. Using our special (dis)ability harness set-up, designed to allow us to offer our adventures into the canopy for those with low or no mobility, Will was hoisted up, up and away into the trees with the greatest of ease, at least for him anyway!

Photographer in the canopy

Once up there Will was able to capture the stunning images he needed for the book. When he needed to go a little higher to keep up with  the climbers, he just called down and up he went. As part of our Covid control measures, staff and photographer wore masks so that our climbers can climb without. Once the family had reutrned to earth, I took a quick distanced shot of Will with his lovely grin, he was loving it!

Photographer in a hoist in the canopy
Female climber on a Tree Climbing Adventure

Earlier, I’d climbed right to the top to chat with Mum (who as it turns out is a fearless climber!) as she sat perched near the very top of the tree, with great views over the surrounding countryside, the woods, down to the river, and on to Berwick-Upon-Tweed’s iconic town hall. If the tree was only just a little taller we could see the sea; maybe one day! There’d been all kinds of birds in the tree with us including a young Treecreeper, a calling Goldfinch and lots of noisy young feeding Blue Tits, totally unconcerned at us being there too. Nether of us wanted to leave that amazing spot however dinner-time was calling so reluctantly we descended back down to the lawn.

Will had taken so many photos of our adventure family, in the tree, sit-in non branches and hanging out in the hammock. You and I will have to wait a while yet before we see these images but rest assured we will be excited to share them with you in a few months! Then all too soon it was time to lower Will back to earth, to say our goodbyes and to pack up all our kit. We always say thanks to the trees, and we love leaving them just as we found them, full of life, leaves and quietly watching all that goes on.

Man in cap pointing to a large Turkey Oak tree
Two large oak trees at Paxton House