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Today we join an amazing and growing number of organisations who commit to sustainability and responsible tourism through signing up to the Tourism Declares initiative. Today also marks a special day as Visit Scotland becomes the world’s first national tourism organisation to declare a Climate Emergency. In this, a joint declaration with Wild Scotland and Sail Scotland, all three leading tourism organisations together made this real commitment to help make a more responsible future for tourism. This is key to making a positive difference and ensuring future generations can share in our incredible natural world.

David Attenborough’s message in his powerful film A Life On Our Planet was clear, the time to address the Climate Emergency is now. As an outdoor adventure business, Wild Tree Adventures promotes and treasures the natural world and so it is our responsibility to work hard to reduce our impact through responsible and sustainable tourism.

Tim Chamberlain Director of Wild Tree Adventures said “As outdoor adventure activity providers we are ambassadors for the wild outdoors and the people and precious places where we live and work. With our dream is to guide people on adventures in the wild trees of Scotland comes the responsibility to share our passion for trees and the creatures who live in them in a positive, planet friendly and sustainable way.”

This means looking at all aspects of how we operate as we continue to push harder to make further reductions to both our direct and indirect carbon emissions. Ultimately, we aspire to  become carbon positive as we look to, in the words of VisitScotland’s Chief Executive Malcolm Roughead,  “…protect our beautiful country for generations to come.”

Let’s all be part of the solution.

Read our full Climate Emergency Declaration here.