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High in the trees with Scotland from the Sky

A fantastic filmshoot with BBC Studios for the highly acclaimed Scotland From The Sky series.

The Forest

Glen Affric Forest, wow. Few places in Scotland hold as much magic and mystery as Glen Affric with its great fragment of the once vast Caledonian pine forest. Here and there about the valley and lochsides are huge old Scot’s pines and nobody really knows how old they are, some are certainly many hundred years old. Arriving around 7000 BC, the great Caledonian Forest once extended over a huge area of Scotland, “quite literally from coast to coast.” Sadly today we are only left with small remnants of this ancient forest and yet the great pines here feel something truly special.

“Glen Affric is one of those places you dream about”

Thanks to the foresight of early foresters and now great ongoing conservation works, much effort is being carried out to protect and help regenerate these fabulous trees. With big initiatives now happening, there is real vision of today’s forest fragments to become forests of the future. See Affric Highlands, Forestry and Land Scotland and Trees For Life. With all the ever increasing pressures on our planet, we must treasure our trees and forests, and keep planting lots, lots more too – they are after all the ultimate carbon-capture technology!

The Granny Pine at Glen Affric
Wild Affric pine woods with lichen.